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Jeremy Clarkson’s difficulties!

It’s always interesting to look at someone in the public eye who is going through some sort of crisis and then take a look at their birth chart to get a different angle on what might being going on underneath the media furore. This is certainly the case with Jeremy Clarkson who seems to put […]

New Moon in Aquarius on 18 Feb 2015

This is the second new moon in Aquarius we have had (the last being 20th Jan) but this time it is at the very last gasp of the sun and moon together in this sign. Almost immediately it has happened, they both leap into the watery depths of Pisces creating an altogether less well defined […]

Hold your breath until the end of April

And do nothing. That means you, Mr Putin. And everyone else who is getting sucked into what is becoming rather a scary stand off in Ukraine. Because April is possibly the most potentially violent and threatening astrological moment of the cosmic patterns we have been experiencing for a long, long while. It started in January, […]

Just our Luck…!

The past few years have caused so much upheaval in the lives of many of us that sometimes there can be a feeling almost of desperation to get going, to move forward in the new directions that are starting to present themselves. So news that Mars is about to go retrograde (move backwards, as we […]

Debunking the Skeptics

I tend to avoid the usually spurious debate about whether astrology is ‘true’ or ‘scientific’, or not. Not because I am uninterested in that but because the debate is so dominated by skeptics (with a big S and an Amercican ‘K’) desperate to show with all the apoplectic bullying emotion they can muster that astrology […]

Work Hard or Dream Hard?

This Sunday morning sees the fruition of one of those classic life dilemmas  – the Virgo – Pisces axis.  Virgo wants to get stuff organised whereas Pisces really wants to let it all go and dream about bigger pictures, far horizons and big imaginings.  In this case, it is Mars that is in Virgo, giving […]

Astrology just really seems to hit the spot!

I had to laugh.  I left my car for its MOT this morning, expecting few problems and a small bill.   I usually try to conduct my daily activities with at least one eye on what the cosmos is up to but somehow I failed to recognise the implications:  Mars is in Leo (opposite my […]


We often associate our heart with being receptive.  In astrology, it is the Moon and Venus, both rather feminine , receiving energies – very yin, if you prefer chinese concepts. We take things into our heart, we feel vulnerable in the heart, fearing invasion. The modern world is, on the other hand, very yang – […]

Back to Work with Virgo!

The sun may still be shining in the best summer the UK has had for a while but you may have noticed that the energy has changed.  We have all probably come home from the beach or mountains and started to make lists of all the things that have been left undone while we were […]

How astrology gives us advance warning of troubles ahead!

The past two days have really taught me how helpful a knowledge of astrology can be in relationships. We all know that the moon has a monthly cycle so it will cross all the points of our chart with that regularity. In my case, my own moon is in Pisces and it squares my mars. […]