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Take in the resources you need for the winter as the sun goes into virgo

Take in the resources you need for the winter as the sun goes into Virgo

The sun may still be shining in the best summer the UK has had for a while but you may have noticed that the energy has changed.  We have all probably come home from the beach or mountains and started to make lists of all the things that have been left undone while we were having fun in the sun.

This is entirely astrological. The sun has stopped shining in Leo and entered Virgo and it is time to get in the harvest that has been ripening in the summer sun – the symbol of Virgo is the maiden with a sheaf of corn.  It is a feminine energy of reorganisation and drawing into yourself after the masculinity of getting out there, doing your thing and enjoying yourself!

It seems no coincidence that the UK Bank Holiday is at the end of Leo and that schools go back the moment we are in Virgo (“stop playing and get your school uniform ready'”).  In Leo we can shine with fire like the sun, be our bigger selves, get brown and beautiful, party and live life to the full but in Virgo we are urged to take our leav of the party, sober up, earth ourselves and turn our focus to being ready for the winter.

We need, like squirrels, to gather what we need, on a physical and emotional level for those ahead days when the sun is weaker and we find it hard to shine. It is about practicality, it is about home, personal resources and it is about dealing with our bodily health needs (time to join the gym!).  It is fire not earth, it is time to feed our roots so that we can flower next year in good shape.

The lessons of these astrological shifts of energy are that the more we embrace them, the more smoothly we will find that our life goes.  So use this month to get sorted, then you can enjoy the airy balance of Libra.

Have a good month!


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