I have been interested in astrology since I was about 17 and I have found it to be the most consistently helpful and fascinating tool for discovering important truths about myself, deciding what to do and when to do it.

Over the years, I have used it in my everyday life to help me to tune into the way each day feels and to work within that. I am sure that this has helped me enormously and saved me from many, many mistakes and errors. It’s like a very sophisticated system of advance notice for hazards and opportunities.

For me, astrology shows us just how complex we are. It also allows us to understand that I, for example, can be both easy going, friendly and sociable, while having deep and difficult intensities below the surface. Its not that we are one thing or another! Astrology teaches me that we have many sub personalities, all of which are true and many can operate at the same time.  It’s not surprising we get confused!

The birth chart is like a map and if you read it right, observe the changing cosmos and adjust yourself accordingly, you learn to ride the storms and enjoy the calms.

In relationships, too, astrology has shown me what I am attracted to, what I desire, but also what suits me – and those are usually not the same thing at all!