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Jeremy Clarkson’s difficulties!

It’s always interesting to look at someone in the public eye who is going through some sort of crisis and then take a look at their birth chart to get a different angle on what might being going on underneath the media furore.

It's time to grow up, Jeremy!

It’s time to grow up, Jeremy!

This is certainly the case with Jeremy Clarkson who seems to put his foot in it so often these days that you start to suspect some sort of life crisis brewing.  Astrologers have been talking for ages about the impact that the big outer planets Uranus and Pluto are having on the planet as a whole in terms of the huge and far reaching upheavals in both the environment and politics worldwide.

When those planets show a connection with planets with someone’s personal chart, as in Jeremy’s case, then we can bet that that person is going through a similarly immense set of changes and challenges on a personal rather than world level that will, when they have played their course, leave them in a very different place than they are now.

The briefest look at Jeremy’s chart shows that his Moon in Libra is being rocked by the impact of both Uranus and Pluto, indicating that a tsunami of seismic movements are occurring in his emotional life.  As a male journalist, he is venting his emotional turmoil in angry and outspoken ways and it is no surprise that this should occur after his split with his wife (Moon in Libra very much needs partnership to stay balanced).  Whatever bravado he shows, he is probably a lonely, emotional mess inside.

What is more, Pluto and Uranus have only just started limbering up and his life is set to get a whole lot more challenging over the next year or so.  After his moon, the structures of life will be opened up for examination and then his  sun takes the full brunt of this effect.

This is totally life changing and the sooner he gets to grips with the implications, the sooner he can starts to make the kind of changes that will allow him to surface from the murky depths that this is taking him to a place that is altogether more tolerable and sustainable.

Probably the naughty, outspoken school boy needs to grow up and growing pains do hurt, especially when you are 55.

Are you going through something similar?

Jeremy was born on 11 April so if you birthday is around then, or 11 October, 11 July or 11 January, you may be getting something of the same upheaval.  An astrological reading can hep you see more clearly what you need to do to turn this situation round and, equally importantly, show you how long the present period will last.  If you would like to m]=know more, just fill in the form on our Birth Details page and we will be in touch.


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