I coach individuals and couples of all orientations and genders on any issues around their sexuality.   Many people consult me because they have either become disturbed about something in their sexual nature that they find difficult to deal with or, frequently, because they have a partner whose behaviour may have changed and whom they find hard to understand.

I have studied Tantra with John Hawken, often seen as the Grandfather of tantric work in the UK, and this deep and intense work has profoundly influenced my approach. It has shown me that sexuality is complex, often contradictory, and that it can be difficult freeing oneself from guilt.  Very often our attitudes to sexuality have been shaped by other people and society and not by our own natural desires and we need to find our own path to fulfilment and happiness.

I try to help people to become more themselves, to find out what suits them, to explore the deeper motivations behind how they behave – or would like to behave – and some of the outcomes of this have been both wonderful and highly liberating!  I believe that the purpose of sexuality is to find our pleasure in being alive as human beings and delighting in this.

Personally, I am completely non-judgemental and probably un-shockable.  I have explored many aspects of diverse sexuality for myself and in the context of my own relationships and my work is based on this experience.

Masculinity Issues:  As a middle aged man, I have faced and worked through the difficulties that this age has for men in our society and I believe I can offer some wider perspectives on how to approach this time of life than our society offers conventionally.  I have been through prostate fears and issues around erections and personal self esteem.   I believe I can help you to regain sexual confidence within yourself and revitalise your relationships.