Relationship Guidance

Relationship guidance

Much of my work is about relationships.  Most are about love relationships but I believe I can help identify and help you resolve relationships issues with members of your family, people at work, in addition to husbands, wives and lovers.

The stresses of modern life often give us little space to allow us to really value our close relationships and we are often desperate to find that one, special person who will ease our troubles and make life feel good.

Whether you are looking for love, or are struggling with problems in an existing relationship, I believe that my knowledge of astrology can help give you a new and useful insight into the dynamics involved.  Astrology can give you a strong sense of whether the person you have just fallen for is likely to be transitory bit of excitement to enjoy or whether it is a more enduring, soul-mate type of relationship.   It can also tell you what to look out for in the way of ‘challenges’ as well as the easy things.

Couples:  Book into our lovely Georgian house in Clevedon, Somerset for the weekend and my wife Jude and I  will work with you to understand at a deeper level the workings of yourselves and your relationship with each other, using your astrological charts as the starting point.  You will leave with a fresh, new view of your relationship and a host of useful tools to keep the love between you strong.

Contact Howard by email: howpark@aol.com, or phone +44 7866 727743