Astro-guidance Case Studies

Astro-guidance Case Studies

Below are some examples of people that we have coached using our astro-guidance method.  Names and some details have, of course, been changed to protect privacy.

Jane‘s life had been tipped upside down. Trained as a business woman, she had met a US celebrity in New York (this is true!!) and was well on the way to becoming his business manager. But personal stuff was also on the agenda and she really does not know what future there is in the relationship.  In the spirit of the Pluto-Uranus square, she decided to go for it and is now somewhere on the road with him and his entourage!  We were able to help her focus on what could be achieved now and what might take a while to unravel. She is keeping us posted!

Helen got divorced, met a new man and that didn’t work out and is now really unsure where she stands. We showed her that Pluto is right in the relationship area of her chart and is playing havoc with all her long held views about herself, her life and her expectations.  What has emerged is that, actually, it is much more about what she wants for herself at this stage of her life than relationships.  Importantly, using astrology meant that we could tell her how long this influence will last and how to use it positively while it is there.  We are helping her develop a 3 year development programme for herself!

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More case studies coming!