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Debunking the Skeptics

I tend to avoid the usually spurious debate about whether astrology is ‘true’ or ‘scientific’, or not. Not because I am uninterested in that but because the debate is so dominated by skeptics (with a big S and an Amercican ‘K’) desperate to show with all the apoplectic bullying emotion they can muster that astrology cannot be true because it is woo-hoo rubbish (or worse), while the astrologers curl up in the corner whimpering and wait for the next blast of vitriol to hit them.

OK, that’s just journalistic verbiage but I hope you can see my rather over-stated point.  Once upon a time I might have wanted to do battle but these days there are groups of astrologers who can now buckle on their own armour and wield a broadsword very well indeed, thank you.  They do a much better job defending astrology against the limited perspectives and even more limited creative imaginations of the skeptics than I can.  And, anyway, I am content in my own  practice as long as my use of the cosmic symbolism of astrology helps people learn a bit more about themselves and their circumstances  and help them to move forward in their lives more happily than they did before.

Every so often, though, something comes up that does show very graphically how well astrology does indeed work. It is often said by opponents that it only works because the astrologer bonds with his/her client and both want it to work. This video shows that this is not the case. The consistent success rate of over 77% achieved by US astrologer Jeffrey Armstrong in describing the characteristics of unseen clients, armed only with date, time and place of birth, does, I think, speak for itself.


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