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New Moon in Aquarius on 18 Feb 2015

piscesThis is the second new moon in Aquarius we have had (the last being 20th Jan) but this time it is at the very last gasp of the sun and moon together in this sign. Almost immediately it has happened, they both leap into the watery depths of Pisces creating an altogether less well defined and vaguely confusing mix!

To intensify the emotional, dissolving atmosphere, the moon then makes a bee-line for Neptune, getting there tomorrow morning so you expect people to be crying a lot and being more emotional than rational!

If Aquarius is about trying to think yourself out of a situation, Pisces is much more about intuition and feeling and Neptune even more so. So some of your mental scaffolding is likely to be in for a good shaking at the very least. It’s time for intuition and emotional connectedness.

I think (as an Aquarian, this is what I do!!) that trying to be really focussed now is going to be difficult. Our baggage can often be quite elusive and hard to track down as we blunder around in the dark. In Pisces we have no flash-lights to shine the way and we have to feel our way, inch by inch and just observe what feels right.   If that feels vague, unspecific and imprecise…well, that Pisces for you.

New Moon Ritual: the exact moment occurs at 23.46 this evening GMT. Get ready 20 minutes in advance and prepare your space. Use a smudge stick to clear the old moon energy and meditate  on the flavour of this new moon. Light a candle at the exact moment and speak your intention out loud.  If you have one of those copper Meru pyramids, orient it correctly to magnetic north and place your written intention under it.  It will amplify your intention.

Set the date of the full moon on 5th March in your diary and return to your intention then (18.02 GMT, just after sunset): you will, as ever, have an opportunity then to experience what this moon has been bringing you.

Please share with us what occurs.

Blessings to you all.


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