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Astrology just really seems to hit the spot!

I had to laugh.  I left my car for its MOT this morning, expecting few problems and a small bill.   I usually try to conduct my daily activities with at least one eye on what the cosmos is up to but somehow I failed to recognise the implications:  Mars is in Leo (opposite my sun, as it happens) so there is the desire to really get on with things.  Saturn on the other hand is in an exact square with it, in Scorpio.  I should have known that sailing through the MOT is not on the cards here!  Saturn is lessons and limitation.

If anyone had asked me, I would have said that Saturn puts the brakes on Mars.  Add the moon to the mix and you get a sense of emotional frustration creeping in.  So, how surprised should I be when my car fails its MOT on, yes, you’ve guessed it: the brakes!  I cant prove that astrology works but when you experience this sort of thing, you do get a sense of the cosmic ordering of events that astrology seeks to describe.

The moon passes over Saturn later this afternoon, so, sometime then, I hope to receive the call saying that all is now well with the car and that the bill is now in three figures rather than two.  There’s not a lot you can do in these situations except smile at the cosmic lesson you are being taught by these kinds of events!  ‘The difficulty is the yoga. It’s what you work with’, as they say.


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