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Just our Luck…!

The past few years have caused so much upheaval in the lives of many of us that sometimes there can be a feeling almost of desperation to get going, to move forward in the new directions that are starting to present themselves.

So news that Mars is about to go retrograde (move backwards, as we see it, in the sky) just as Mercury has resumed its forward motion after its own retrograde period is enough to make us grind our teeth and throw up our arms at the frustration of it all. The message is that you won’t be able to put your foot on the accelerator for a while yet.

With so much ‘difficulty’ around in the cosmos these days, it can be tough to stay philosophical about this sort of energy but, really, you can’t fight it.

If Mercury retrograde made communications, travel and meetings difficult, Mars is set to get in the way of you taking action. Mars is the male principle – outward directed energy, so anything you want to achieve or ‘get’ now is going to be tricky, whether it is a a new job, lover, car, computer. In fact retro Mars is more of an inwardly directed energy, so will tend to be the desire for the item that you will feel now, rather than for the thing itself.

At times like this, I have an urge to wander longingly among beautiful new motorbikes at my local showroom but with a retro Mars, I know that the reality will not match up to the fantasy so I leave my credit card at home! Bill Clinton got elected President – twice, with Mars retrograde and we know how that ended!

If, like Bill, you have the urge for sexual pastures new now, the chances are that it won’t deliver the dream and may even come back and bite you!

To make the best of this period (which lasts for 11 long weeks until 20th May, I am sorry to say) I would suggest you take the time to question deeply what you really need or want in your life and get rid of a lot of the stuff that clutters, bores or no longer serves you.

After 20th May, go get that Ferrari and that dream job!


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