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August Sun Sign Stars

August is the time for shining, when Leo rules and the harvest ripens with the sun.  Astrologically, summer ends on 23rd August when Virgo reminds us that we need to get in shape for the autumn. I can help you gain a deep insight into what the most important issues will be for you during […]

Summer Uncertainties

There is a real conflict and paradox many of us are feeling this summer. Here in the UK the weather is hot and sunny, people are having fun on the beach and England are doing well in the World Cup.  But I have a friend whose highly educated husband is now out of a job […]


This is the word that many people are using to describe how they feel right now.  It suggests too much water and being overwhelmed by it.  Water, of course, is our emotions so if we have planets in water signs, especially Pisces, we are likely to be feeling very much ‘at sea’, or other such […]

The Winter Solstice 2015

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! The Christians shamelessly stole this traditional celebration from the pagan Celts as part of the attempt to seduce them away from the old ways and, without any historical justification whatever, made it into Christ’s birthday (now thought to have probably been in June!).   The xmas trees and the lights, at […]

Sagittarius New Moon: the art of travelling

A new moon in Sagittarius might seem to be at totally the wrong time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere!) With no more than few days until the lowest, most inactive time of the year, when the winter solstice reduces our energy to as low as it gets, this new moon invites us […]

September – a RED New Moon?

Normally, you might expect a new moon in Virgo to be just what gets us organised for the autumn – kids off to school, making lists, new routines, getting our life in order etc. etc. A bit of a grounded, rather conservative influence. In the aftermath of the huge Uranus Pluto cosmic upheavals that are […]

Driving with the handbrake on!

Well, that’s how it may have felt these past few weeks.  Mars is the planet of action and it is very close to the sun right now so you would think that things should be really going with a swing, especially in Gemini which favours all forms of communication and social activities, networking etc. However, […]

The end of a mini Moon cycle

The moon seems to rule our lives as much as the sun does. It spends about 2 days in each sign every month and as it goes round the sky, it has its daily impact on, particularly, our emotional lives. As I write this, it is coming to the end of its period in Scorpio, […]

Uranus in Aries

With Uranus now in Aries now, much loved and missed Astrologer Jeff Jawer, who died recently, talked about the role of Uranus at the 2011 Northwest Astrology Conference in the USA with Tony Howard. Uranus is in this sign for the next 5 years and we have seen its impact in many sudden and sometimes shocking events around […]

End of the Old, Beginning of the New

Movie Mogul Sam Goldwyn was wrong!  Life is not linear (‘one goddamn thing after another’) : it is cyclical and today is a special time as one annual cycle ends and a new one begins tomorrow with the April Equinox tomorrow.  The solar new year begins some hours after the new moon joins the sun […]