A guide takes you where You want to go: their job is just to help you get there.  They might offer an bit of advice about what to take with you, what to wear when the weather gets stormy, they might even offer to carry your backpack for a while but their role is to support you in your decisions. If you are not quite sure where you want to go, he has a few guide books to show you!

Usually, a guide is a local expert, who knows a bit more about the terrain than you do.  He (It’s only ‘he’ because I am a male!) will point out precipices, land slides, boggy ground (I hope you are following the significance of the metaphors here!). He will know when the weather is changing before you do and he will know where to shelter until it clears.

But, still, it is You that is on the journey and, even when you get confused and unsure, he will help you keep walking.  Sometimes it is an external journey, a job, a relationship, an activity. Sometimes it is an inner journey and it often helps to talk about it to someone who has been travelling a similar path for a while.

What I have, as the ‘astro-guide’, is a map of the cosmos – your birth chart, and I can see the ‘cosmic weather’, the turning of the cycles of energy.  This gives me more information than a normal coach or mentor.  Most usefully, the astrology gives me  insight into when is best for you to take action and when you are better off waiting.  You should find that this process will help you to use your energy more effectively and reduce stress in your life because you are acting  in sympathy with the energies that are at work.

For Face-to-face consultations:  I will meet you in Bristol UK and within 20 miles.

On-line, across the world, I use Skype, and  Yahoo Messenger (download them from the link).  I also use ‘Go to Meeting‘.

Call/text Howard +44 7866 727743.   Email: howpark@aol.com