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Work Hard or Dream Hard?

This Sunday morning sees the fruition of one of those classic life dilemmas  – the Virgo – Pisces axis.  Virgo wants to get stuff organised whereas Pisces really wants to let it all go and dream about bigger pictures, far horizons and big imaginings.  In this case, it is Mars that is in Virgo, giving energy to the urge to organise and put things in order.

The opposing planet in Pisces here is Neptune.  Now, Neptune just loves being in Pisces – it’s like a double dose of watery dreaming – so you can expect the contradictory urges here to be quite strong.

What to do?  Both of course!  There are always creative ways of dealing with these contradictory energies.  Oppositions are always inherently resolvable.

You have  couple of days now while this energy is brewing so how about working out what you just HAVE to sort out in your living, space or in your job or life in general, make a plan, allocate a time frame to it and get it all done in a big blast of energy and commitment.  After that, that you can then settle down with your favourite form of escapism and let it all go?

Or, another idea is to dream that big dream: allow the ideas to flow creatively for a while  and then use Mars in Virgo to help to make it real.



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