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How astrology gives us advance warning of troubles ahead!

The past two days have really taught me how helpful a knowledge of astrology can be in relationships.

We all know that the moon has a monthly cycle so it will cross all the points of our chart with that regularity. In my case, my own moon is in Pisces and it squares my mars.  This gives me a bit of a fiery temperament when the moon touches either of these points.  I know it is going to happen every month, regular as clockwork, so I look out for it in advance.

This does not always stop me from being irritable or prone to the odd flash of anger but at least I can understand that it is entirely MY issue to deal with and not anyone else’s!

Learning how the changing positions of the planets is impacting my personal chart gives the the opportunity to take responsibility for my behaviour, in all it’s manifestations, to use the positive aspects to give me power and the negatives ones to learn how to avoid problems.

How often do I get it right? Not often enough but every day is a learning opportunity!


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