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Hold your breath until the end of April

And do nothing. That means you, Mr Putin. And everyone else who is getting sucked into what is becoming rather a scary stand off in Ukraine.

Because April is possibly the most potentially violent and threatening astrological moment of the cosmic patterns we have been experiencing for a long, long while. It started in January, when Jupiter opposed Pluto while Mars was square Jupiter. You don’t need astrological knowledge here to work out that this is a warlike and potentially violent energy – any knowledge of the Greek myths will tell you that!

Jupiter makes everything bigger so when Jupiter became square to Uranus in February followed by Mars turning retrograde March, what seemed a small local dispute suddenly got bigger and more serious. And together, this is bringing us right to the brink of an explosive climax sometime between now and the end of April as Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto gather ever closer to form what as known as a Grand Cross.

I exaggerate not: be very afraid until it has passed. To make things even worse, these planets are in what we call ‘cardinal’ signs which means nobody thinks they are wrong and nobody is going to be flexible and stand down. It is all horribly masculine in the worst possible sense. If you asked the ancient astrologers what Mars in Libra retrograde meant, they would say, ‘WAR’. And, don’t forget, this could be in your own personal life, so please, please be alert for the signs of abuse, war and violence there.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Maybe we should see it as a test for ourselves and humanity as a whole, to see if we really can resolve these old fashioned nationalist disputes without resorting to violence and fighting. Maybe it is a key moment when we learn to live in peace. Maybe it is time for women to stand up, use their strength and tell arrogant men that enough is enough.

The crux of the tension is on Wednesday 23rd April. If we can get past that, things may start to ease (but not quickly or easily, wouldn’t you know … ) But Jupiter breaks the spell by moving on after that and Mars steps back a bit, so that might be when people begin to do ‘jaw jaw’ as opposed to ‘war, war’, in Churchill’s famous phrase.

Let’s hope so.


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