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Driving with the handbrake on!

Well, that’s how it may have felt these past few weeks.  Mars is the planet of action and it is very close to the sun right now so you would think that things should be really going with a swing, especially in Gemini which favours all forms of communication and social activities, networking etc.

However, Mercury, also in Gemini, has been retrograde (going backwards in the sky, as it seems to us from our viewpoint on earth) and it is this that has been putting the brakes on. On 12th June 2015, it is said to be ‘stationed’ i.e. it has stopped going backwards and is getting ready to go forwards again.

The fact that the Sun, Mars and Mercury are now all going forward together in Gemini from 13th June should result in much better communication all round – a bit as if your broadband connection has suddenly had a major upgrade!  So you would expect journeys to go well and on time, phone calls to actually get through to the person you want to talk to and you may find yourself bumping into exactly the people you need to talk to about your plans.

There is almost no down-side to this so make good use of the burst of energy it provides until around the 20th of June when the whole flavour of life changes as the water energy of Cancer makes itself felt.


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