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Summer Uncertainties

There is a real conflict and paradox many of us are feeling this summer. Here in the UK the weather is hot and sunny, people are having fun on the beach and England are doing well in the World Cup.  But I have a friend whose highly educated husband is now out of a job and they are fearful they wont be able to afford to stay in the house they moved into recently.  Most people have secret fears about Brexit and the economic disaster that sometimes feels as if it could be  just round the corner.  Below the surface, it is a very tense time indeed.  The British, as usual are ‘making the best of it’.

Astrologically, much is afoot but not yet revealed. 7 planets have recently been ‘retrograde’ (appearing from the earth to be going backwards – even if they aren’t really!).  There is much suppressed emotion and a sense that nothing is being resolved.  But Jupiter is about to go ‘direct’ again in Scorpio. Scorpio is always about deep, deep processes so when Jupiter appear to be going backwards, these processes were held back but with forward motion regained, the shit may now start to ‘hit the fan’ as they say.  Expect more sexual abuse revelations, at least.

On the political front, the first sign of Jupiter’s change might be the UK government’s latest crisis with high profile resignations and the Prime Minster looking increasingly unable to hold things together.  Released from the constraint of being a member of the government, rebels will now reveal their true colours and it will all feel even more unstable.  I predicted a while ago that this process had to be endured … and endured further … before real change could occur. It all seems interminable but such is the sometimes maddeningly slow speed with which the cosmic wheels turn.

To look at it positively, real change and evolution, when it does eventually occur, might be all the more solid when all the old and obsolete has been thoroughly and finally destroyed.


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