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The end of a mini Moon cycle

moonThe moon seems to rule our lives as much as the sun does. It spends about 2 days in each sign every month and as it goes round the sky, it has its daily impact on, particularly, our emotional lives.

As I write this, it is coming to the end of its period in Scorpio, with the intensity that that suggests, and is making a very nice trine angle with Venus, suggesting that time spent examining your need for deep love might be assisted at this time.

After that, though, it makes no angles with any other planet and is what astrologers call ‘void of course’.  It is as if it has done its work in Scorpio and there is time for a pause until it enters Sagittarius, when we would expect things to get a bit more lively.

In this void period, it often feels that things you try to make happen just don’t. It’s like the passion has gone out of everything and we are waiting for the energy to renew itself.  So, it can often be completely pointless to start initiating events, making calls, pushing forward with new plans – it will only frustrate you, so don’t do it!

The best use of this period, which usually lasts a few hours is in quiet contemplation, or having a clear up, filing and dealing with paperwork, or anything that gets you ready for the next period.  It’s not time lost at all, its a time for essential personal maintenance, so things like yoga, meditation etc are also good at this time.

As ever, the more we know of these cycles and the more we act with them in mind, adjusting our lives to fit, the easier things become.  Banging your head against a brick wall is not good for you so stop doing it! Use the door instead and astrology often gives you the key!


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