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September – a RED New Moon?

Suddenly, everything is different...

Suddenly, everything is different…

Normally, you might expect a new moon in Virgo to be just what gets us organised for the autumn – kids off to school, making lists, new routines, getting our life in order etc. etc. A bit of a grounded, rather conservative influence.

In the aftermath of the huge Uranus Pluto cosmic upheavals that are taking place everywhere, though, it’s going to feel like we are all still in the whirling soup of global change.  First, it is an eclipse which is usually at the heart of a big shift somewhere (often in the ground itself – hence the association with earthquakes) and secondly, the new moon is opposed by Uranus.

So, and very obviously for those of us observing UK politics, it seems almost certain that Jeremy Corbyn will be declared leader of the Labour Party right at this new moon.   This is a seismic occurance for those of us with some history in socialist politics. Nobody saw it coming and the man himself seems slightly bemused by it all.  But cometh the time… and Jeremy’s chart reveals that his time has indeed come and out of the blue (or, rather, out of the ashes of the old bankrupt politics).

He is a Gemini, but by progression, he has his Sun, Mercury and Pluto on his 10th house (leadership) in Leo.  This is pretty unmistakable but it is such an unexpected rise to leadership that nobody has noticed, which must surely be the Uranus quality in action.

He seems drawn to play a very significant role in taking us forward in the realm of ideas about freedom, inequality and re drawing the political map in the UK.   The fact that he is the first Labour leader since Keir Hardie who is so conspicuously socialist means that political life here is about to get an awful lot more interesting.  So, just as the old political paradigm, seen in the Conservative General Election victory in May,  may have seemed to have dashed our hopes and deflated all our dreams for a better and more equal society, suddenly, everything has changed.

It really is a very exciting time to renew your faith in the possibility of bringing change to a country that so badly needs it.  More importantly, it means that, as the doors open, it is the very best of times to actually get involved in whatever aspect of change gives you passion.  

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!


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