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Pulled in both directions, like the tide!

Pulled in both directions, like the tide!

This is the word that many people are using to describe how they feel right now.  It suggests too much water and being overwhelmed by it.  Water, of course, is our emotions so if we have planets in water signs, especially Pisces, we are likely to be feeling very much ‘at sea’, or other such metaphors.

Right now, we have the following planets in Pisces, all clustered together. In order they are: Neptune (deep water), the Sun, Chiron (our fears and wounds), Venus (emotional and romantic love) and Mercury (emotional communications). If you have connections in your chart that activate that little group, it will be surprising indeed if you do not feel as if you are stranded out at sea, tossed around by the waves, out of sight of land and losing your bearings.  There is nothing to anchor to, no points of reference.

Of course we always get Pisces at this time of year, it’s the very tail end of the year that began at last year’s Spring Solstice. It’s the time to let things go and give yourself a bit of space to prepare for the new energy of Aries that comes in on 20th March.  It’s just that this year it feels all too much to cope with.

But even a tsunami recedes, you just have to cling to that bit of driftwood long enough!  And luckily we are getting to the end of it. In only 2 days (7th March), Mercury and then Venus will make the shift into Aries and give us a flavour of the Spring excitement and renewal to come.   Both of those planets promise a new start, whether in relationships or just getting out there and re-joining the world after the dark, cold winter.  Mars will go into Capricorn on 17th, which will see us getting organised and making lists and within 3 days we will feel a lot more energised as the Moon and then the Sun both get into Aries and spring has officially begun.

Just hang in there!


2 Responses to “Swamped!”

  1. Hi

    I have a North Node at Pisces 15 deg in the 6th house.

    How will transoting Neptune affect my Natal North Node…?

    Ian Wallsh

    Dob: 17th December 1969, 01:30 AM, London, UK

    Posted by Ian Wallsh | March 6, 2018, 3:47 pm
    • Hi Ian,
      Your 6th house is your routine life so you might expect an overwhelming dissatisfaction and a desire to change all those structures in your life. You are probably feeling the draught of this already. The trouble is you may not know exactly what you want to replace it with but the Neptune/Pisces energy is about dissolving and letting go, usually of things that are holding you back. You may feel confused as the barriers fall, as my blog suggests, because there is something very unworldly about this. Of course, there is a sense in which all these transits are for a higher reason so it could mean finding a spiritual path (but beware of fantasy and delusion!). I would be able to say more from a chart reading that looks at what else is going on in your chart. I have apge on the website for booking readings of different kinds.

      All the best


      Posted by Howard Parker | March 6, 2018, 6:50 pm

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