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End of the Old, Beginning of the New

Hinode-eclipseMovie Mogul Sam Goldwyn was wrong!  Life is not linear (‘one goddamn thing after another’) : it is cyclical and today is a special time as one annual cycle ends and a new one begins tomorrow with the April Equinox tomorrow.  The solar new year begins some hours after the new moon joins the sun right at the end of Pisces, ready to go forward into Aries in the evening.  As it does so, the year begins its activity anew and favours all new beginnings and start-ups of all kinds.

It is also an eclipse which will be visible if the sun is out tomorrow morning at 09.36 in the UK which adds some potency to the event and makes it a moment to spend some time with and work out what it means to you.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

This Evening:  Find a quiet space for yourself towards the end of the evening (around 9.00 pm) where you can reflect on how the year has been for you and where it leaves you. Think about what you started this time last year and feel into how it has gone.  This is a time to let go so, as the cycle completes itself , perhaps you would like to write down on individual pieces of paper all the bad stuff and things that you no longer want in your life and then burn them one by one in a candle flame.  Form the conviction inside you with at least 5 deep strong breaths that this is a moment of finality.  As you do so, speak something appropriate and decisive out loud and cast the emotion, fear, thought, behaviour  or whatever it is, into the flame and watch it burn.  Fire cleanses very effectively so observe whether you can feel the burden lifting from your shoulders as the paper and the problem turns to carbon.

Enjoy the moment and try to maintain a very quiet, inward mentality as you go to bed.

Tomorrow Morning:  You will wake to the immense possibility of the year ahead so, if you can, get up in time to think about what you want to bring into your life this year.  If you can sit in the last of the dark and feel the dawn come, there is a sense of magic there to experience as the birds start chattering.  See if you can anticipate the new moon and  approaching new Solar year and feel the possibilities that are there for you.  See if you can conjure up the excitement of possibility for you and then, at about 8.30 (UK time), what better way can there be than to to ‘Salute the Sun’ with movement and feel your body open up to those possibilities.  If you do not know the yoga sequence, Google and print it out the night before and follow it until about 9.15.

Then find a spot facing the sun (hope it doesn’t rain!) and wait for the moment of exact eclipse.  Speak your most heart felt intention to the Sun, the giver of life on Earth and close the practice with a Namaste to your heart centre.  Then try to stay in reflective mode until 22.45 which is the exact moment of the Equinox!

Don’t forget to write down what you have said as an Annual Intention and then put it away somewhere safe until next year!

Wishing you great blessings for the year ahead.


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