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Sagittarius New Moon: the art of travelling

The adventure starts with the first step

The adventure starts with the first step

A new moon in Sagittarius might seem to be at totally the wrong time of year (at least in the northern hemisphere!) With no more than few days until the lowest, most inactive time of the year, when the winter solstice reduces our energy to as low as it gets, this new moon invites us to think of distant, probably warmer, horizons.

This is because Sagittarius always wants to break out of whatever boxes and hindrances that have been put in the way, escape from what may be holding us back in our lives and inspire us to embark on something refreshingly new that takes us from where we are into an unknown but exciting future.

It may be a place where we learn new things: skills, knowledge, where we experiment,  kick away our inhibitions and altogether expand our sense of what might just be possible.

It need not be about travel, though it often is, but it includes travelling in the mind, breaking  a mindset, thinking new thoughts, finding new knowledge, developing new understandings.  It can be about taking on courses of study or taking a plane to somewhere new with just a rucksack or maybe buying a camper van and heading west (or east!)

So, as the wind howls and the rain lashes and it is dark at 4.00 pm, ponder on those things and see what might just be possible.


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