What 2017 Brings

Time to Get Active in 2017!

Just surviving 2016 feels like a bit of an achievement in itself, doesn’t it?

And, of course, many of our favourite celebrities and icons didn’t. Losing Muhammed Ali, Prince, Fidel Castro, Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, Rick Parfitt was bad enough for some of us but the seismic upheaval in politics in the UK, Europe and the USA has unsettled everyone and we are probably looking anxiously rather than optimistically at what 2017 holds.

It is not surprising that it was also the Year of the Monkey and numerologically a ‘9 Year’, suggesting a time of energetic transition and endings that has left us close to drained as the cycle ends.

As 2017 begins, Mercury is retrograde so we may feel battered by too much communication and feel our brains are being fried by media onslaught.  Mars is in exactly the same place as Neptune, and, apologies for this, but  I am afraid the analogy that sprung to mind is of actions going down the toilet!  Be conscious of what is truth and what is illusion this year if you want to make any sensible progress!

However, the main flavour of each year is defined largely by where the big outer planets are and what they are up to:

In 2017, Jupiter will be in Libra until October, which may bring some people and groups together to solve problems collectively while Saturn will only complete its tour of Sagittarius by the end of the year, making it clear that the issues encountered in 2016 such as Brexit have a long way to go yet before we even know what the implications are.

As far as the other big planets are concerned, Neptune continues its watery way through Pisces, creating illusion, delusion and confusion, if we are not careful, but, more positively, also the chance to let go of things that we no longer need.  Uranus stays in Aries, creating the likelihood of unexpected and fiery change coming out of the blue, which will be ok if you can cope with, or even enjoy the idea of continually expecting the unexpected.  Boring it won’t be!

Lastly, Pluto continues its slow and relentless plod through Capricorn, showing us that what is happening globally is part of a huge turning of the cosmic wheel, signifying massive and fundamental changes, the implications of which will not become at all clear for many years to come.  We do indeed live in extraordinary times and the skill is to ride the wave of change, however it manifests.

How 2017 will be for you personally will depend, as it always does, on the extent to which the behaviour of these big outer planets impact on your own chart.   Numerologically, it is a ‘1’ year – the beginning of a new 9 year cycle, so it may be a good time to initiate something new that you have always wanted to bring into your life.

Donald Trump is a Fire Dog so, in the Year of the Rooster, maybe we will see him barking as the USA withdraws from the world stage to concentrate on its own farmyard.

Whatever happens, it is certainly a year when complacency is ‘out’. If Brexit and Trump teach us nothing else, it is that we have to wake up and get busy if we want to protect our values and way of life.


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Have a great year,


The Astro Guide

Sign-by-sign Guidance for 2016


Some of you Capricorns will still be feeling as if your life is being turned upside down but for others the worst is over and you may that your feet are back on solid ground and that it is now possible to move forward in just the kind of sensible, sure footed manner that suits you.  This will give you a certain welcome relief that things are now proceeding as they should be.  Communications will be better in the early part of the year but the desire to expand may be frustrated and held back in May.  You may need a steady nerve as the year ends.


Aquarians are often seen as innovators but they have a conservative streak and this year it may be case of drawing on last year’s bright ideas and trying to move them forward than coming up with any more new quirky ideas.  This structured approach may not bring about the revolution but it is a solid step down the path and likely to bring its own, perhaps more sustainable and personal rewards.  Instability early in the year won’t bother you as much as others around you and by the end of 2016 your capacity for radical approaches to difficult situations may be in demand.


Your most important relationships may come under the spotlight this year but it may be more a question of how they can be improved rather than any breakups.  What can you do to breathe new life into them?  Perhaps, also, things have got a bit stale in your career so there is an invitation out there, probably around February time, to see what you might do to remotivate yourself and bring new energy and activity into your work life.  You will probably not find that going with the flow works very well for you this year so taking some courses of study may give you the structure you need to make progress.


If 2015 was a year of painful lessons and you stopped long enough to fid out what you were being taught, you will probably start to experience some noticeable benefits, particularly in career matters this year, so long as you can rein in your natural impetuosity and keep an eye on staying organised.  There are opportunities to make new starts and learn new skills along the way that will keep your energies fired up even if there are times, such as in March, when it all feels for a while as if it is falling apart.  Augusts looks good for you, especially if you love the active outdoors but keep your wits about you to avoid injuries.  Some strange twists and turns at the end of the year suggest that the path you thought you were on may be changing, perhaps more than you expected.


Taurus folk may generally be very happy doing what they do but there are changes afoot that need to be addressed this year and you may have to get out there and find out what they are.  The focus is on expanding your personal creativity beyond its usual boundaries so look out for things happening that point you in that direction.  Ironically for someone with their feet planted so firmly on the ground, you may start to develop an interest in deep personal issues such as spirituality or perhaps there are a few life and death issues emerging for you.


Reorganisation of your home life may be what occupies your attention this coming year. You get your enthusiasm for life from your friends and being out there in the world and your home may have got a bit neglected in the process so now there are opportunities to put that right.   You can always have a big party when you are done!

You may also have to learn a few lessons in your major relationships this year.  Your abilities with words may be a great skill, but are you always as honest as you think you are or is it all smoke and mirrors?  Somebody close to you may well be feeling this but do they ever get a chance to get a word in edgeways?


Cancerians have either been learning the hard way, or they are about to!  If the past year has been about finding out how to care for yourself, this year will have a very practical flavour to it as you find yourself most involved in improving your everyday routines and being out and about in your local community. So perhaps personal transformation begins close to you: in how you care for your body, organise your time, reorganise your work environment so that it meets your needs better.  It may also be about learning to trust your intuition more so try to allow time in every day to listen to that.


Money!  You may only value it as something to lubricate your lifestyle and you may be expecting that it will just flow in this year, as it is supposed to.  This year there are some good signs that the main resources and building blocks you need to expand  your life (which may not be money, of course) will come to you in 2016.  The accent is also on expanding your creativity but this may not flow effortlessly and you will need to put in the effort required and do it in an organised and detailed manner.  Love affairs may not bring quite the joy you expect but is your own vanity a factor here? Surely not!!!


You may have to balance your rather obsessive attention to detail with the recognition that other influences are calling you to see a much bigger picture than you thought. There will be lots of local things demanding your attention at home and around your family this year but a core aspect of this year is the very simple question: in its broadest sense: who are you?  Your complicated and clever mind may think that is a stupid question and you may think you know but really, do you?  I mean, really, really…  This year allows you opportunities to explore all this.


It is probably a good time to spend some time reflecting on your life direction this year before Jupiter starts a new cycle of expansion for you in 2017.  The wheels of change turn quite slowly sometimes and progress occurs only when it is ready to, so this is not a high octane year for you but one where you review where you have been and think through where you want to go in the future.  Perhaps finding a mentor or coach will help you see new possibilities that can be explored.  You will soon know it when something new lights up your life and it could already be closer to you than you realise!


I wonder if your self esteem has taken a bit of a battering recently?  If so, this year gives you a chance to put that right and the chances are that you may find the answers among your friendship groups and social activities because that is the area of your life that is being blessed by Jupiter this year. Jupiter brings opportunities to expand and so maybe new friendships and social involvements are being encouraged in 2016.  Money may be tight but, paradoxically, being tight with it won’t improve things!  Honest communication from the heart will bring its benefits.


‘Practice what you preach’ is the key word this year with Saturn in your sign throughout the whole 12 months.  You love big dreams, wide open horizons and exciting visions but it is about bringing a modicum of discipline to this and, actually, you know deep down that unless you ground your dreams, they stay just fantasies!  Real freedom needs planning!  The expansion you love has to be done sensibly and with attention to detail or the cosmos may just come and bite you by November time!